Marvel Comics - Deadpool 1:10th Scale Deluxe Statue by Iron Studios

He's the best there is at what he does, which is why he gets paid to do it!

The Merc with a Mouth finally joins the Iron Studios Marvel Deluxe Collection with this approximately Hand-Painted 9.6" scale statue depicting the whacked-out warrior with Katanas on his back and a couple of guns casually hanging out in his hoisters while he rocks on a plush pinata.

Wade Wilson had incurable cancer, so he underwent treatment as a guinea pig for the Canadian government where he was artificially injected with Wolverine’s healing factor. As a result, he healed from cancer and gained a healing factor that goes beyond Wolverine’s, his body can also self-regenerate, but his skin in the process was compromised, giving Wilson a grotesque appearance, so he rarely his remove mask and costume and thus the wise-cracking vigilante Deadpool was born and became a pop culture icon when Ryan Reynolds dawned the costume in the live-action film.

This Iron Studios statue comes with an extra interchangeable head, Deadpool arrives to add to the X-Men battle diorama, but also, in addition to working well individually, as the character acts more regularly, he can compose different scenarios according to the collector’s wish, on different sides, as an allied hero of the X-Men, his most common role, as an enemy mercenary, after all, Deadpool is unpredictable.

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