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    Marvel Comic X-Men X-23 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust by Diamond Gallery

    Release Date: June 2024

    Unleash the Mutant Power: Marvel Comic X-Men X-23 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust

    Discover the captivating legacy of the X-Men universe with the Marvel Comic X-Men X-23 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust. Laura Kinney, known as X-23, steps into the spotlight in a breathtaking 6-inch tall mini-bust that captures her fierce presence and iconic Wolverine-inspired costume. As a tribute to her comic origins, this meticulously detailed collectible is a remarkable addition to any X-Men collection.


    Feature Description
    Scale 1:7
    Height 6 inches
    Costume Authenticity X-23 dons her classic comic-based Wolverine costume
    Twin Claws Unleashed Dynamic pose showcasing her trademark twin claws
    Symbolic Base Stands atop an X-Men logo base, symbolizing her place in the mutant world
    Limited Edition Limited to only 3,000 pieces, ensuring its exclusivity
    Full-Color Packaging Packaged in an eye-catching box that reflects its vibrant nature
    Marvel Tribute A tribute to the beloved X-Men universe and the legacy of X-23
    Collector's Gem An essential addition for dedicated X-Men enthusiasts

    The Marvel Comic X-Men X-23 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust encapsulates the essence of X-23, the clone and successor of the legendary Wolverine. With her twin claws glistening and her classic Wolverine attire, this mini-bust is a testament to her strength, resilience, and place within the X-Men narrative. The dynamic pose captures the energy that radiates from X-23 as she channels her mutant prowess.

    Perched atop an X-Men logo base, this mini-bust stands as a symbol of the unity and power of mutants in the Marvel universe. Its limited edition status of only 3,000 pieces ensures its rarity and collectible significance, making it a treasure that true fans will cherish.

    Packaged in a full-color box, the Marvel Comic X-Men X-23 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust invites you to explore the X-Men realm in miniature form. Whether displayed as the centerpiece of your collection or cherished as a collector's gem, this mini-bust serves as a tribute to the rich tapestry of the X-Men saga and the indomitable spirit of X-23.

    Elevate your X-Men collection with this masterpiece – seize the opportunity to own the Marvel Comic X-Men X-23 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust and bring the legacy of Laura Kinney to life on your display shelf.

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