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Marvel 80th Anniversary X-Men Wolverine Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix (Damaged Box)

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Please Note: The original box of the product is damaged but the actual product itself is in supremely new condition and we will deliver the product in a good packaging to ensure no damages during shipping!

Born a mutant with enhanced senses, retracting claws and a regenerative healing factor that has slowed his ageing, Logan was used as a guinea pig in the Weapon X assassin program where his skeleton was bonded to the indestructible element adamantium. With his memory wiped, Logan adopted the codename Wolverine and became an integral member of the X-Men while seeking out the truth of his past and revenge against those that experimented on him.

Crouching on top of an X-Men logo base, the Quantum Mechanix Wolverine Marvel 80th Anniversary Q-Fig Diorama 4” Vinyl Figure captures the near-indestructible mutant as he prepares to leap into battle, with a snarling face beneath his trademark mask to warn his enemies.

The cute but deadly Q-Fig vinyl figure by Quantum Mechanix has been specially hand-painted to highlight all of the great details and to showcase the feral spirit of Wolverine in a unique and adorable way.

Celebrate 80 Years of Marvel and bring some feral wildness to your Q-Fig collection with Wolverine.

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