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  • Mapology Houses

    Unlock the world of architecture with Imagimake World Wide Houses, an innovative and educational toy that takes your child on a global adventure. This set includes 13 easy-to-assemble 3D models, each a miniature marvel of architectural wonder from around the world.

    Learning Made Fun:

    • With step-by-step pictorial instructions, kids can build these 3-5 inch models in just 4-5 simple steps.
    • It's not just about play; it's about learning. Improve motor skills, concentration, and eye-hand coordination while having a blast.
    • Each set includes 13 pairs of googly eyes, 1 glue, and 1 pre-made model for added creativity.

    Safe and Kid-Friendly:

    • Crafted from safe and soft EVA foam, these models are non-toxic and child-friendly.
    • From Haveli to Igloo, let your child's imagination roam free with these engaging, miniature architectural wonders.
    • Perfect for school projects, playtime at home, or take them on adventures wherever you go.

    Imagimake World Wide Houses - Building a world of knowledge through creativity and play!

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    FOR AGE 5+