Main Street by LEGO

Release Date: November 2023

Calling all LEGO enthusiasts aged 9 and above! Get ready for a fantastic city adventure with the LEGO Creator 3in1 Main Street (31141) building set. This set is all about creative fun, featuring four unique buildings that come together to create a bustling city street. You can even detach each building for separate play!


Feature Description
Suitable Age 9+
Model Number 31141
Series LEGO Creator 3in1
Number of Pieces 1,459 pieces
Included Minifigures 6 minifigures for role play
Building Options 3 different city models: Main Street, art deco apartment, archway market street
Interactive Digital Building Use the LEGO Builder app for 3D modeling and tracking progress
Accessories Various accessories for added play value
Display Item The art deco building stands over 14.5 inches high
Premium Quality LEGO bricks connect consistently every time
Safety Assurance LEGO building bricks meet global safety standards


Unleash your creativity by constructing a lively city scene with a 3-floor corner hotel, a music store, a record store featuring a rooftop band, and a cozy café. Plus, the possibilities are endless as you can rebuild it into a 4-floor art deco apartment building with a park or an archway market street complete with a photo studio and flower shop. With 6 minifigures included, you'll have plenty of characters to bring your city to life.

Don't forget the interactive digital building experience! The LEGO Builder app will guide your child through an intuitive 3D modeling adventure. You can zoom in, rotate sets, save progress, and visualize a digital version of your model on smartphones and tablets.

This 1,459-piece playset not only offers a rewarding building experience but can also make a fantastic holiday or birthday gift for young LEGO fans aged 9 and up who are interested in architecture. And remember, LEGO bricks have been ensuring consistent connections for over six decades, so you're guaranteed a quality product that meets rigorous safety standards.

Get ready for endless city adventures and let your imagination run wild with the LEGO Creator 3in1 Main Street (31141) playset. Build, play, and explore to your heart's content!

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