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    Limited Edition Batman Shogun - Samurai Series Replica Statue by Royal Selangor

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    The Samurai Series combines elements of fantasy and surrealism in a unique blend of Neo Tokyo dystopia, advanced technology, and feudal Japan. The series showcases iconic characters from DC Comics, reimagined in the samurai armor and weaponry of ancient Japan.

    One of the most striking pieces from the series is the Batman Shogun statue, which depicts the Dark Knight riding his war horse over the demolished effigy of his arch-nemesis, the Joker. The imagery of Batman triumphing over evil is conveyed through this explicit metaphor.

    The 11.8" statue portrays Batman in the style of a samurai warrior, with his armor and weaponry displaying the unmistakable design elements of the Bat symbol. The horse is also adorned in armor and bears a stylized Bat symbol on its forehead. Both the horse and Batman are cast in brushed pewter, which adds a unique texture to the overall design.

    The statue also features the remnants of the Joker's debris, cast in bonded porcelain. The inclusion of this shattered remains adds a sense of motion and chaos to the scene, as if the Joker's defeat was particularly violent. Overall, the Batman Shogun statue is a stunning work of art that combines the iconography of Batman with the rich history of samurai culture.

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    FOR AGES 18+

    MADE IN Malaysia