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  • Lego Minecraft The Mushroom House

    Release Date: April 2024

    Introduce Minecraft enthusiasts aged 8 and above to an exciting realm with the hands-on LEGO® Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179) – an ideal gift for kids in this age group. The giant mushroom house offers an immersive Minecraft experience as its walls and roof easily lift off, granting convenient access to the crafting table and furniture within. Witness Minecraft hero Alex engaging in creative play outside, collecting soup from the mooshroom cow, until unexpected chaos unfolds with a skeleton spider jockey entering the scene. The imaginative possibilities for play are boundless as children delve into the Minecraft mushroom house.

    Embark on limitless Minecraft® adventures with the dynamic LEGO® Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179), offering creative play opportunities both inside and outside. The set boasts authentic details, featuring iconic Minecraft® characters such as Alex, Mooshroom, and a Spider Jockey, complemented by cool accessories from the popular game. Inspire young minds as they lift off the roof and walls to explore the house's interior, encountering a mooshroom to milk and a skeleton spider jockey to confront outside. A perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day, this set guarantees hours of fun for Minecraft® enthusiasts aged 8 and up, while its versatile playset allows for different layouts. LEGO® Minecraft sets bring the virtual game to life, ensuring quality and safety through rigorous industry standards.

    For Age 18+

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