LEGO® Lots of Bricks

For an unparalleled playtime experience, look no further than LEGO® Classic Lots of Bricks (11030). This endlessly captivating building toy bursts with a kaleidoscope of colours and boundless creative potential, making it the perfect choice for kids aged 5+.

1,000 bricks in 10 vibrant hues

Within this set, you'll discover an abundance of brilliantly coloured LEGO bricks, with a special emphasis on the iconic and beloved 2x4 brick! Clear, printed instructions accompany the set, guiding young builders through the creation of entertaining model toys, including a car, globe, flower, heart, guitar, house, smiley emoji, parrot, dog, and even an apple. This set is designed to foster open-ended creative play, and it goes the extra mile by including a magazine filled with additional building ideas and suggestions for your aspiring designer. You'll also find a digital version of the set's building instructions within the LEGO Builder app.

Fun for the whole family

LEGO Classic 5+ sets not only empower kids with ideas and inspiration but also provide a wonderful opportunity for adults to join in the building fun and celebrate developmental milestones with their children.

A wealth of colourful bricks – LEGO® Classic Lots of Bricks (11030) is teeming with inspiration, ideas, and, of course, bricks for budding designers aged 5+
Loaded with playtime value – The set features an impressive 1,000 bricks in 10 vibrant colours, along with a magazine brimming with building instructions and creative suggestions
Unleash boundless creativity – In addition to constructing anything their imaginations can conjure, kids can follow the printed instructions to build a car, globe, flower, guitar, house, smiley emoji, parrot, and a myriad of other delightful models
A gift that keeps on giving – Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or any day, this set promises years of creative joy for children aged 5+
Designed for young builders – The easy-to-follow visual guide ensures construction is a breeze and a blast. You'll also find a digital version of the set's building instructions within the LEGO® Builder app
Bricks that foster skills – LEGO® Classic sets empower young builders with limitless play possibilities and a canvas for creative self-expression
Quality you can trust – LEGO® components adhere to rigorous industry quality standards, ensuring consistency, compatibility, and ease of assembly
Safety first – LEGO® Classic bricks and pieces undergo rigorous testing, including being subjected to drops, heat, crushing, twisting, and thorough analysis, all to guarantee they meet the highest global safety standards.

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