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  • Lego Icons - Botanical Collection Tiny plants

    Release Date: April 2024

    Transform your space into a lush oasis of creativity with the LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants - a captivating collection of 9 meticulously crafted miniature plants that require no green thumb to flourish. Perfect for enthusiasts of gardening and plant aficionados alike, this set invites you to embark on a journey of building joy with friends and family.


    Transport yourself to the arid beauty of deserts with resilient succulents, prickly pear, and pincushion cacti. Designed to thrive in hot, windy climates with minimal rainfall, these desert survivors add a touch of resilience and charm to any space.

    Designed for builders of all skill levels, this set offers varying models for easy, medium, and advanced builders, making it an engaging and inclusive project for everyone aged 18 and above. With 758 meticulously crafted pieces, the LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants set stands as a testament to the art of building.

      Proudly Brought to you by Superhero Toystore, this collectible marvel is not just a delightful addition to your home or office décor but also an ideal gift for collectors. Elevate your surroundings with this unique blend of botanical beauty and LEGO® ingenuity. Watch creativity grow with the LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants set – where building meets botanical brilliance.

      For Age 18+

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