LEGO® Creative Pastel Fun

Ignite the creative spark in young builders aged 5 and up with the enchanting LEGO® Classic Creative Pastel Fun (11028). This delightful set promises swift construction of captivating models and boundless free-form building enjoyment. The vibrant array of pastel bricks beckons children to immerse themselves in the world of art and design.

Dive into the realm of pastel creativity

This imaginative building kit boasts a treasury of 333 bricks, varying in shapes, sizes, and soothing pastel hues. Among them, 18 bricks bear whimsical expressive eyes that grant youngsters the power to breathe life into their imaginative creations. Clear, meticulously detailed building instructions accompany the set, guiding the assembly of 5 easily crafted models: a fluffy cloud, a delectable ice cream cone, a prehistoric dinosaur, a playful cat, and a futuristic robot. As their creative confidence blossoms, children can explore endless realms of free-form construction. Moreover, a digital version of the set's building instructions is conveniently accessible through the LEGO Builder app.

Fun for the whole family

LEGO Classic 5+ toys are designed to infuse young minds with ideas and inspiration, while also offering a perfect opportunity for adults to partake in the joy of building, and fostering developmental milestones with their children.

Pastel bricks for the imaginative youth – Invite children aged 5 and beyond to delve into the world of colour and creativity with LEGO® Classic Creative Pastel Fun (11028), an invitation to boundless building with an array of soothing pastel shades.

Mesmerizing shades – This versatile building set comprises 333 bricks, showcasing a variety of sizes and six enchanting pastel colours. Notably, 18 of these bricks sport expressive eyes, enabling kids to breathe life into their creations.

Endless avenues of play – In addition to boundless free-form building fun, clearly printed building instructions serve as inspiration for youngsters to piece together a fluffy cloud, a delectable ice cream cone, a prehistoric dinosaur, a playful cat, and a futuristic robot.

A gift for young minds – Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or an ordinary day, this set promises endless delight while simultaneously nurturing the developmental skills of children aged 5 and beyond.

Designed for novice builders – The user-friendly visual guide makes construction a breeze, infusing it with enjoyment. Furthermore, a digital rendition of the set's building instructions can be conveniently accessed through the LEGO® Builder app.

Bricks that cultivate skills – LEGO® Classic sets empower young builders with open-ended play and avenues for creative self-expression.

Quality assurance – LEGO® components adhere to stringent industry quality standards, ensuring uniformity, compatibility, and ease of assembly.

Safety is paramount – LEGO® Classic bricks and elements undergo rigorous testing, enduring drops, heat, crushing, twisting, and comprehensive analysis to guarantee compliance with global safety standards.



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