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  • LEGO® Bricks and Functions

    The LEGO® Classic Bricks and Functions (11019) building set includes a vibrant assortment of LEGO pieces and provides instructions to create seven entertaining buildable toys with gear-driven features. Children have the opportunity to assemble models featuring moving components, ranging from a twirling ballerina to a helicopter with rotating rotors. Following that, they can delve into the extra brick bags to craft their unique LEGO creations.

    Children will find great enjoyment in constructing and playing with these functional models. Moreover, thanks to the step-by-step, illustrated building guide accompanying each model, even novice builders can experience the satisfaction and delight of constructing their very own LEGO toys.

    Enhancing essential life skills in children

    LEGO Classic playsets ignite children's creativity with captivating themes and building concepts that encourage unrestricted, imaginative play. Learning has never been more enjoyable!

    Mini Builds with Functions 

    Experience the magic of interactive mini-builds that come to life! Watch a pirouetting ballerina twirl gracefully, launch a push-along helicopter with spinning rotors into the sky, or discover an apple with a surprise pop-up worm. These captivating features will transport your child into a world of whimsical storytelling.

    Open-Ended Creativity 

    Unlock the gates to limitless imagination! While the set provides step-by-step guides for 7 model ideas, it's the playground for innovation and self-expression. Your child will explore the boundaries of their imagination as they design their very own LEGO® masterpieces, cultivating creative skills that will last a lifetime.

    Compatibility with Other Sets 

    The fun doesn't stop here! LEGO® Classic Bricks and Functions seamlessly integrates with other LEGO® Classic sets, promising endless opportunities for expanding their creative horizons. It's a dynamic invitation to combine, connect, and construct beyond limits!

    Building Instructions Made Easy 

    Perfect for beginners, our user-friendly, pictorial building guides ensure that every child, regardless of their building experience, can embark on this exciting journey with confidence.

    Development of Creative Skills 

    As your child constructs and plays, they're nurturing vital creative skills. Problem-solving, spatial awareness, and imaginative thinking all come together in this playful learning adventure.

    Quality Assurance & Safety Standards 

    Rest easy knowing that all LEGO® Classic components meet the strictest industry standards for consistency and compatibility. We take safety seriously, subjecting every piece to rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

    Gift Options for Various Occasions 

    Looking for the perfect gift? LEGO® Classic Bricks and Functions is the answer. Suitable for any occasion, it's the gift that sparks joy, fosters creativity, and creates cherished memories.

    Step into a world of colourful, creative wonder with LEGO® Classic Bricks and Functions (11019). Join us in inspiring the builders of tomorrow, one colourful brick at a time! 🌟

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    FOR AGE 5+