LEGO® 90 Years of Play

Children, adults, and grandparents alike can delight in boundless hours of entertainment and a trip down memory lane with the LEGO® Classic 90 Years of Play (11021) construction kit. Commemorating a rich history of imaginative childhood toys, this set includes a vibrant spectrum of LEGO bricks, 15 miniature recreations of iconic LEGO toys from various eras, as well as additional bricks for unrestricted building!

A Building Adventure Suitable for Ages 5 and Above

Each of the 15 miniature creations is accompanied by its own step-by-step visual building guide, ensuring that even novice builders can share in the satisfaction and delight of constructing their very own LEGO toys.

Toys that Foster Creativity and Vital Life Skills

LEGO Classic building sets empower children with ideas and inspiration, offering captivating models that fuel limitless, unstructured play, and aiding in the cultivation of creative abilities that will endure throughout their lives.

Aspect Description
Building Experience for All Ages Children aged 5 and up can join adults and grandparents to recreate classic LEGO® toys with the LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play (11021) building set.
What’s in the Box? All you need to construct 15 mini-build recreations of iconic LEGO® toys, from a pirate ship to an elephant or yellow castle, plus lots of extra LEGO bricks for free building.
Celebrating 90 Years of Playful Learning 15 Toy mini build recreations, including the 1998 Secret of the Sphinx, 2001 LEGO® BIONICLE® Tahu, and the 2013 LEGO NINJAGO® Golden Dragon.
A Gift for Any Occasion This 5+ playset can be given as a birthday, holiday, or any other-day gift to LEGO® builders of all ages.
Bursting with Colorful LEGO® Pieces Kids, adults, and grandparents can build whatever they imagine with this 1,100-piece LEGO toy-building set.
More Sets to Collect and Combine Combine this playset with others from the LEGO® Classic range for even more creative fun.
Simple Pictorial Instructions Each of the 15 mini-builds comes with a step-by-step building guide, so even first-time builders can enjoy the experience of constructing their own LEGO® toys.
Playful Learning LEGO® Classic building sets help kids develop creative skills that will last a lifetime.
A Focus on Quality LEGO® components meet strict industry standards to ensure they’re consistent and compatible: it’s been that way since 1958.
Tested for Safety All LEGO® building toys are thoroughly tested to ensure that every playset meets global safety standards.
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