Krang Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statue by Iron Studios

Release Date: November 2023


Iron Studios has just released their latest statue, "Krang - TMNT - Art Scale 1/10", and TMNT fans will not want to miss out on this must-have addition to their collection. Standing at a scale of 1/10, this highly detailed and finished statue features Krang, a formidable alien warlord who serves as an antagonist to the turtles, piloting a sturdy and heavy android body. The figure comes with interchangeable hands in the shape of a claw and a morning star, as well as a molecular amplifier unit that allows Krang to expand in size and interchangeable weaponized arms.

Krang is a conqueror from the Utrom race, exiled to Earth where he allied himself with the Ninja Turtles' arch-nemesis, Shredder. Krang provides Shredder with extraterrestrial technology in the form of a robotic army, with the goal of conquering Earth. Despite his megalomaniacal desires, Krang is eccentric, sadistic, grumpy, and gullible, with a tendency to mask his low self-esteem with arrogance.

This highly detailed 9.8-inch statue is presented on a pedestal featuring a rustic floor with a crate, pipes, and electrical wires, adding to its overall realism and appeal for TMNT fans. Don't wait to add this unique and collectible statue to your collection.

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