Kitty Fairy's Garden Party by LEGO

Release Date: November 2023

Invite children aged 4 and up who adore the TV show Gabby's Dollhouse to embark on an enchanting journey brimming with joy, companionship, and limitless play opportunities with the LEGO® Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party (10787).

In the treehouse, kids can join Gabby, Pandy Paws, and Kitty Fairy from the beloved television series as they sip tea together. Kitty Fairy has her own cozy bed and delectable strawberry treats. Young gardeners can nurture blooming flowers, and the playset boasts a slide, swing, and merry-go-round for the friends to frolic on. A variety of accessories, including apples, a watering can, a teapot, cups, and butterflies, ignite imaginative role-playing adventures. The set includes a vibrant picture-based building guide, while the digital LEGO Builder app offers user-friendly zoom and rotation tools. As is customary with all LEGO 4+ sets, a generous Starter Brick is included to ensure that the building excitement begins promptly.

LEGO 4+ sets provide an ideal opportunity for adults to partake in the building experience with young ones, whether they are seasoned LEGO enthusiasts or encountering LEGO bricks for the very first time.
Feature Description
Playset Name LEGO® Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party (10787)
Age Recommendation Kids aged 4+
Setting A magical garden filled with popular characters from DreamWorks Animation’s Gabby's Dollhouse
Included Characters - Gabby mini-doll figure - Pandy Paws figure - Kitty Fairy figure
Playset Contents - Buildable tree house with a bed and snacks - Garden with a slide, swing, and merry-go-round
Activities and Adventures - Watering flowers and making them grow - Playing on the swing, merry-go-round, and slide - Drinking tea in the tree house
Educational Benefits - Develops key skills - Introduces kids to creative construction - Includes a Starter Brick and simple building steps
Dimensions of Tree House and Slide - Height: Over 5 in. (13 cm) - Width: 7 in. (17 cm) - Depth: 4 in. (11 cm)
Building Guide - Printed picture guide explaining each building step - LEGO® Builder app with digital zoom and rotate tools for visualization
Expandability - Wide range of LEGO® 4+ sets introducing children to movie favourites, TV characters, and everyday heroes
Quality Assurance - LEGO® components meeting stringent industry quality standards - Consistency, compatibility, and smooth connectivity ensured
Safety Standards - LEGO® components are subjected to rigorous tests including dropping, heating, crushing, twisting, and analysis to meet global safety standards
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