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    Killer Croc (Samurai Series) 1/4 Scale Statue by XM Studios

    Release Date: December 2024


    Introducing the Killer Croc DC Samurai Statue, a masterpiece from XM Studios' visionary DC Samurai Line, a creative collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products and XM Studios. Prepare to witness the untamed power and intensity of Killer Croc, meticulously handcrafted and individually hand-painted to XM's renowned quality standards, presented in a dynamic style that reimagines the Batman universe in a whole new light.


    Feature Description
    Limited Edition
    Concept Collaboration Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products and XM Studios
    Scale Approx. 23 inches
    Material Meticulously crafted polystone
    Environment Dynamic charge scene with Japanese demon (waniguchi youkai)
    Head Switch-Outs 3 switchable heads - classic, bandaged, Namahage mask
    Sculpt Detail Exquisite attention to crocodile-inspired design
    Artistry Hand-painted with meticulous precision


    Behold the fearsome force that is Killer Croc, a relentless adversary with razor-sharp instincts, clawed appendages, and an insatiable urge for chaos. The statue captures his essence in an awe-inspiring moment as he charges forward, tearing through his surroundings with formidable makeshift weapons. By his side stands a waniguchi youkai, a Japanese demon that amplifies his aura of menace.

    Imagine witnessing Killer Croc lunging out of the water, poised to strike at unsuspecting prey. The intricately designed scene conveys his predatory prowess, making it clear that encountering this beast is a spine-chilling ordeal. The scavenged swords tied to his waist attest to his unmatched ferocity and his ability to face down even the most battle-hardened foes.

    As your gaze delves deeper, you'll notice the layer of complexity in his appearance - a bandaged head and a mysterious Namahage mask. The questions arise: Who could have inflicted such injuries on this formidable force? What challenges has Killer Croc faced? This statue invites you to explore the nuanced story behind the beastly exterior.

    Batman himself, known for his ability to see beyond the surface, has often empathized with Killer Croc's struggles. This statue captures the very essence of this complex character, revealing the depth beneath the scaly surface.

    Seize the opportunity to own a piece of the DC Samurai universe. Order the Killer Croc DC Samurai Statue today and witness the untamed power and complexity of this iconic character like never before.

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