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    Jurassic Dinosaur Garden – Sprinkler Irrigation Kit

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    Introducing the Jurassic Garden Sprinkler Irrigation Kit - an immersive science and learning experience disguised as a DIY gardening adventure!

    Unlock the mysteries of nature as you Build, Plant, Grow, Harvest, and embark on an exciting journey of Play & Learn. With a captivating Jurassic theme, this kit brings the wonder of prehistoric times to life while teaching essential concepts of irrigation and cultivation through hands-on experimentation.

    Join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have embraced the fun and educational aspects of our DIY Garden Drip Irrigation product range. Inside this kit, you'll discover everything needed to cultivate your own miniature jungle oasis, complete with real seeds, soil, and delightful jungle friends to color and animate within your garden scene.

    Experience the magic of sprinkler irrigation firsthand as you nurture your garden to life. Simply fill the water spray bottle provided, and with a gentle sprinkle, simulate the effects of natural rainfall across your grow tray. Watch in awe as your garden flourishes under the nurturing glow of sunlight, with plants typically reaching maturity within 4-8 days.

    But the adventure doesn't end there! This reusable kit allows for multiple plantings and offers additional DIY experiments to fuel your curiosity. Explore concepts such as Types of Irrigation, Farming with Less Water, Growing from Seed, Parts of a Plant, and delve into the mysteries of Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration.

    Perfect for family bonding or as a unique gift option, the Jurassic Garden Sprinkler Irrigation Kit is not just a toy but a gateway to STEM education for kids and a rewarding hobby for adults. Whether given as a birthday present or utilized as party favors at children's events, this kit promises hours of entertainment and learning.

    Crafted with creativity, care, and love in India, and proudly presented by Superhero Toy Store, this collectible marvel doubles as both home or office décor and a cherished collector's item. Don't miss out on the opportunity to cultivate knowledge and excitement with this extraordinary gardening adventure!

      For Ages 5+

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