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    JAWA KHAKI Die-cast Bike By Maisto

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    Introducing the 1:18 Jawa Classic Scale Model - Special Edition "Commemorating 50 Years of the 1971 War Victory" in Khaki Color!

    🎉 Commemorative Special Edition: Rejoice in the remarkable 50-year milestone of the 1971 war victory with this exclusive 1:18 scale Jawa Classic model in resplendent khaki colour. It's an exquisite tribute to an unforgettable historical triumph.

    🏍️ Faithful Reproduction: Transport yourself back in time with this intricately crafted Jawa Classic scale model, which painstakingly recreates every nuance of this iconic motorcycle, ensuring nostalgia at its finest.

    🌟 Premium Materials: Crafted from a blend of metal, plastic, and rubber, this masterpiece is not only a testament to its authenticity but is also engineered for lasting durability. It truly encapsulates the spirit of the legendary Jawa Classic.

    📏 Realistic Dimensions: Measuring at approximately 11cm in length, 4cm in width, and 7cm in height, this model perfectly mirrors the proportions of the original Jawa Classic. See the size reference picture for a better grasp of its true scale.

    🎨 Khaki Color Scheme: The distinctive khaki hue adds a touch of elegance to this special edition, ensuring that it stands out brilliantly in any collection.

    🔥 Display Stand Included: Proudly exhibit your Jawa Classic scale model using the accompanying plastic display stand. Transform it into a captivating centrepiece that commands attention within your collection.

    🏆 Collector's Item: This special edition Jawa Classic scale model is an invaluable addition to the collections of motorcycle enthusiasts and history aficionados alike, epitomizing the essence of a bygone era.

    🎁 Perfect Gift: Surprise your loved ones with this distinctive and meaningful gift, celebrating both the Jawa Classic and the historic 1971 war victory. It's a gesture that combines the passion for motorcycles with reverence for history.

    📜 Historical Significance: This scale model serves as a poignant reminder of the valour and bravery displayed during the 1971 war, making it a cherished addition to any collection, rich with significance.

    💬 Inspire Conversation: Put this special edition Jawa Classic scale model on display and ignite meaningful discussions about the motorcycle's legacy and the profound importance of the 1971 war.

    🌟 Celebrate history, honour victory, and cherish the legacy of the Jawa Classic with this extraordinary 1:18 scale model. Secure this special edition khaki colour masterpiece now and relive the splendour of the past. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of history!

    Don't miss your chance to own a piece of motorcycle history. Grab the JAWA KHAKI 1:18 scale bike by Maisto collectable today and elevate your love for bikes to a whole new level!

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