Civil War Iron Man Mark XLVI ArtFx Statue by Kotobukiya

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Kotobukiya’s hit Marvel Comics ARTFX+ series has brought fans Avengers straight out of the comics, and now it returns to the big screen with the upcoming mega-blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. Two mighty characters start the new collection headlined by the brand new armor suit, Iron Man Mark 46!

This brand new Iron Man suit is a perfect replica of the one you’ll see in the film, and it’s captured in a super cool battle pose as the Armored Avenger lunges forward and steadies his right arm for a repulsor ray blast! A direct descendent of previous suits like the Mark 43, the Mark 46 armor is a sleek war machine with interlocking armor plates, tons of technological details, and of course the awesome chest-mounted arc reactor and trademark faceplate. Of course, all of that is presented in gleaming red and gold with additional silver accents.

Iron Man Mark 46 stands just over 7 inches tall. He fights hard for his ideals of justice and peace on a blasted urban landscape display base, and while he looks fantastic on his own he pairs with the new Captain America: Civil War Captain America ARTFX+ Statue to make a fierce battle scene!

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