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    Iron Man 3 Iron Man Hall of Armor by Beast Kingdom

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    Take your collection to the next level with the Iron Man Hall of Armor Mini Egg Attack Set.

    Ever since Iron Man’s sacrifice to save humanity at the end of Avengers Endgame, fans have been longing for more nostalgic collectibles of Iron Man from the Marvel movie moments to battle scenes.

    The Beast Kingdom is bringing together more than 10 years’ worth of action, the Hall of Armor as seen in Iron Man 3, which matches the dedication and craftsmanship Tony Stark displayed during his tenure as one of the leading heroes in the Avengers played by an incredible Robert Downey Jr.

    Bringing together seven generations of Iron Man Suits, the Hall Of Armor is the perfect way to show your love of all things Iron Man.

    With Beast Kingdom’s Mini Egg Attack series, taking the classic stylized designs and miniaturizing them to a more displayable form in a style that is perfect for showcasing the multiple versions of the Iron Man suit.

    With both suit and the storage units having light-up functions, a great deal of focus on paint and design work as well as the ability to collect all your favorite suits from Mark 1 to 7, this is the time to take the fight back and showcase all the ways you can save the universe!

    Complete Collections:
    1.)  Iron Man 3 Mark 1 / Iron Man Mark I with Hall of Armor (MK1)
    2.) Iron Man 3 Mark 2 / Iron Man Mark II with Hall of Armor (MK2)
    3.) Iron Man 3 Mark 3/ Iron Man Mark III with Hall of Armor (MK3)
    4.) Iron Man 3 Mark 4 / Iron Man Mark IV with Hall of Armor (MK4)
    5.) Iron Man 3 Mark 5 / Iron Man Mark V with Hall of Armor (MK5)
    6.) Iron Man 3 Mark 6 / Iron Man Mark VI with Hall of Armor (MK6)
    7.) Iron Man 3 Mark 7 / Iron Man Mark VII with Hall of Armor (MK7)


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