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    Indiana Jones Deluxe Statue By Iron Studios

    Release Date: July 2025

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    Unleash your inner adventurer with the Indiana Jones 1/10 Deluxe Art Scale Statue by Iron Studios! This awe-inspiring collectible, standing at an impressive 15.7 inches tall, captures the legendary archaeologist in all his glory.

    A Treasure Trove of Details:

    • Iconic Hero: Witness Indiana Jones immortalized in exquisite detail, his weathered face and determined expression a testament to his countless adventures.
    • A Base Fit for a Legend: Indy stands atop a treasure trove of artifacts featured throughout the Indiana Jones film series, igniting a wave of nostalgia for fans. From the golden idol to the Holy Grail (and its replicas!), each meticulously crafted piece adds another layer of storytelling to the statue.
    • Hand-Painted Perfection: Iron Studios brings Indy and his treasures to life with a masterful hand-painted finish, ensuring every detail, from Indy's worn leather jacket to the intricate carvings on the artifacts, is showcased with stunning accuracy.

    More Than Just a Statue, It's a Cinematic Experience:

    This isn't just a statue; it's a portal to the thrilling world of Indiana Jones. Own a piece of movie history and relive Indy's legendary adventures in your own home. This deluxe statue is a must-have for any Indiana Jones fan, adding a touch of adventure and nostalgia to your collection.

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    For Age 14+

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    Made in China