HW Drag Strip White Lolux (80/250) 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Car By Hot Wheels

Introducing the HW Drag Strip White Lolux (80/250) 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Car by Hot Wheels! This model combines the raw power of a drag racer with the ruggedness of a pickup truck. Crafted from high-quality die-cast metal, this White Lolux showcases a bold and aggressive design that is ready to dominate the strip. With its lowered suspension, wide tires, and aerodynamic enhancements, it's a standout addition to any Hot Wheels collection. Picture yourself at the starting line, revving the engine and launching off with lightning-fast speed. Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of drag racing with the HW Drag Strip White Lolux Die-Cast Car by Hot Wheels.

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