Harry Potter Ron Weasley at the Wizard Chess Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Release Date: March 2022


Iron Studios and Superhero Toystore are proud to present the magical and wizardly world of Harry Potter recreated in vivid detail in our range of 1/10 Art Scale statues.

Here we have an enchanted version of the classic board game, in Wizard's Chess, the pieces move by themselves when they receive a command from the player, and in a barbaric way, they destroy the opponent's defeated piece. Ron, who is best friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, surprisingly has great knowledge of chess, and this skill proved to be life-saving in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", which now a highlight of the entire franchise, this scene is faithfully recreated in the "Ron Weasley at the Wizard Statue" Chess Deluxe Art Scale", adding another historical moment of the saga in the line of statues of Harry Potter, from Iron Studios.

This 13.7 inches tall Hand Painted Ron Weasley 1:10th Scale Statue brings a highly detailed true-to-life portrait of the quirky, sometimes dumb but always kind and faithful Ron played by an immensely talented Rupert Grint who brought the vision of JK Rowlings multiple awards winning book series to the big screen.

This Polystone statue features Ron Mounted on a huge black steed in battle armor, represented by a statue that is part of a realistic chess game, the little boy with red hair, Ronald Bílius Weasley, shrewdly looks at the scenery in front of him, analyzing all the possibilities to win the deadly Wizard’s Chess.

Recreate the Magical Wizarding World of Hogwarts with the newly launched Iron Studios Range of Harry Potter Art Scales. Even one of them will light up any collection.

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