Harry Potter Hedwig™ by LEGO

It is a buildable model of Hedwig, the snowy owl that is Harry Potter's pet. The set consists of 630 pieces and has a wingspan of over 13 inches. It also includes a minifigure of Harry Potter and a smaller model of Hedwig.

The set was designed by Pierre Normandin, who is a LEGO designer who has worked on a number of Harry Potter sets. He said that he wanted to create a set that would capture the beauty and elegance of Hedwig. He also wanted to make sure that the set was challenging to build, but still enjoyable for children.

The set has been well-received by fans and critics alike. It has been praised for its accuracy to the films, its attention to detail, and its buildability. It has also been nominated for several awards, including the Toy of the Year Award.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter or Hedwig, then LEGO 75979 is a great set for you. It is a challenging and rewarding build that will allow you to create a beautiful and detailed model of your favorite owl.

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630 Pieces



MADE IN Czech Republic