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Harry Potter Chaser House Pin by EFG

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Represent your allegiance to the your favorite house Hufflepuff!

Superhero Toystore brings the ultimate fan accessory, the Harry Potter Slytherin Keeper House Pin Set by EFG. This set of fashionable and cool pins is made of Alloy, Zinc & Stainless Steel Mix and is filled with symbols of your never-ending love for Harry Potter.

This Hufflepuff Chaser House Pin Set combines the complementary set of a chaser and a Hufflepuff into one set of 6 pins apt for all the Hufflepuffs or Hufflepuff lovers out there. The set includes an adorable House Emblem pin of the yellow and brown house along with a quidditch badge. Also included is the Snitch Pin, a tiny broom, a quaffle, and a chaser pin. So, hurry up and show your loyalty to the wizarding world and accessorize your wardrobe and bags with this set.

Harry Potter Chaser House Pin by EFG!

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