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    Harry Potter At The Quidditch Match Minico Figure By Iron Studios (Damaged Box)

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    Please Note: The harry figure sitting on the broom is loose and is falling off but the actual product itself is in supremely new condition and we will deliver the product in a good packaging to ensure no damages during shipping!

    Bring Hogwarts Home!

    Popular collectible brand Iron Studios brings your favorite Harry Potter characters reimagined in a new miniature style in their brand new range of Mini co. statues. These cute and small collectibles are flawlessly detailed with a professional hand-painting application making them a perfect addition to your shelf or even your work desk. Their handy and space-friendly under 5" inch scale makes them perfect to start a fun new collection.

    Here we have Harry Potter, the boy who lived, dressed in his Quidditch game uniform as he plays the important and coveted position of the seeker for his team, Gryffindor, and in his first match against the Slytherin team, in the tournament at Hogwarts, at the age of eleven, he captured his Golden Snitch.

    This 5.1-inch Minico figure from Iron Studios immortalizes that fan-favorite moment forever with this chibi-style take on the exciting scene.

    Display him beside Ron and Hermoine MiniCo statues from Iron Studios and create your own mini magical world of adventures.

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