Harley Quinn DC Comics Kala Statue by Kotobukiya

Release Date: October 2022

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Harley Quinn comes to life in this 12-inch tall DC Comics Harley Quinn Kala Series 1:6 Scale Statue by Kotobukiya, as vibrant and manical as ever. Hiroki Hayashi sculpts Harley wielding her famous baseball bat in a themed leather Jacker zipper outfit and mismatched shoes. This stunning rendition of Ms. Quinn will satisfy any fan's desire for a comic-book accurate yet realistic portrayal of this classic DC villain.

Hiroki Hayashi, a master of bringing two-dimensional media to life, expresses himself through sculpted artistry. With a keen eye for anatomy and structure, along with a deep understanding of human expression, Hiroki Hayashi creates art for all to enjoy. His understanding of expressive visage and the emotion of what makes sculpture come to life and brings intrigue and connection to patrons of his work.

Koto Inc. announces its Kala series, named for the ancient Sanskrit word for art, with the same excruciating attention to detail that expert scribes take when writing calligraphy. This series is not just a simple category of products, but a beautiful insight into the creative genius of the sculptors.

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