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    Green Lantern (Comics) Thaal Sinestro Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: January 2024

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    Sinestro soars through an asteroid field in this incredible, nearly 44-inch-tall statue, summoning his vast reserves of power in a display of fearsome might. Sinestro, like his green counterpart, looks stunning in his black and gold uniform, surrounded by fiery, golden-yellow energy. The more fear Sinestro can instil, the greater his power...and he appears to be scaring the bejeezus out of someone!

    The skilled artisans at Prime 1 Studio have done an incredible job with this dark but gleaming DC Super-Villain. This statue is a work of art, with contrasting blacks, magentas, and brilliant golds! Sinestro's flowing lines and yellow Power Ring energy complement each other in a breathtaking, cosmic dance.

    And, just as Thaal Sinestro is imbued with yellow Sinestro Corps Fear energy, so is this statue! Prime 1 Studio engineers have included LED functionality in Sinestro's Power Ring, Power Battery, and Base effects in this 1:3 Scale masterpiece! Ideal for displaying in a low-light display case.

    Sinestro floats above a magnificent asteroid-strewn base, ablaze with his incredible yellow lantern energy! In the front, a Power Battery is aflame with the same fear energy, and The Sinestro Corps' sigil is proudly displayed in the back.

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