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    Godzilla Vs Kong - Kong Final Battle Statue by Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: March 2023

    We are proud to finally reveal the next statue in the Masterline Diorama Series of earthshaking collectibles based on Godzilla vs Kong and who's better to challenge Godzilla than King Kong!

    Kong bows to no one! And when his rival Alpha Titan, Godzilla, comes a-calling; Kong answers in spades! The King of Skull Island has climbed his way out of his Hollow Earth Kingdom to answer Godzilla’s challenge in a nightmare vision of Hong Kong! This massive Kong diorama stands at a towering 31.5 inches tall!

    Kong uses the environment to his advantage in this ultimate diorama of Hong Kong cloaked in darkness and fire. The Eighth Wonder of the World launches off an obliterated building to hurl himself at the King of Monsters!

    The sculptors at Prime 1 have captured the abject rage in Kong’s face and the determination in his posture. Kong takes aim at Godzilla with his right hand and readies his game-changing Battle Axe in his left. We’ve taken great care to render Kong’s simian fur, battle-scarred chest, and gigantic proportions true to his film version.

    Rounding out this dynamic diorama is a city in ruins! We’ve lit building windows with LED Illumination, while other structures feature blazing fire and smoke. Highways have collapsed and damaged vehicles are strewn about as high atop one building, a helicopter waits for rescue passengers that are not coming.

    Pair him with the already released Godzilla and watch the battle unfold!


    • LED-Illuminated Buildings
    • LED-Illuminated Fires and Explosions
    • One (1) Godzilla vs Kong-themed Hong Kong base featuring a Helicopter and Damaged Vehicles

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