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    Godzilla vs Kong Heat Ray Godzilla Giantic Masterline Statue by Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: January 2024


    Godzilla's hits keep on coming, and they never stop! The newest statue line from Prime 1 Studio will leave you speechless! The Prime 1 Studio Non-Scale Gigantic Masterline Godzilla Statue from Godzilla vs. Kong is a HUGE development in Prime 1 Studio Godzilla statues!

    Prime 1 Studio's Gigantic Masterline larger King of the Monsters stands over 34 inches tall and lives up to his massive reputation! This version's massive size allows for incredible crisp detailing and realistic textures. Their artists have once again infused this massive version of Godzilla with their energy and passion. Heat Ray Godzilla's hyper-detailed scales, dorsal fins, and Kaiju anatomy have been sculpted to perfection at this size. Godzilla's face becomes visibly more terrifying as he unleashes his massive and iconic roar! He's been painted in lifelike detail and realistic colours to match his film appearance. Through his LED-illuminated eyes, mouth, and dorsal fins, you can see Godzilla power up his Heat Ray! In any Godzilla fight, this is a truly spine-tingling, cheer-out-loud moment!

    Godzilla stands on a polystone base, themed to a film-appropriate, rubble-strewn, city ruins environment, clearly devastated by his thunderous appearance.

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