GI Joe Ultimates Real American Hero Cobra Commander Figure by Super7

Release Date: October 2022

Real Heroes deserve real awesome collectibles! We and Super7 are proud to bring you the first-ever cartoon-inspired G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Action Figures!

Every good story needs a villain, and Cobra Commander is the kind of egomaniacal archvillain legends are made of. 

This Special Edition made-to-order 7” scale fully articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES figure of the Cobra Commander comes with interchangeable hands-one holds a cobra wrapped around the Earth, which you may recognize from a video game commercial and a variety of accessories, including multiple weapons, his snake scepter, and soft goods cape, and more.

All these figures have premium modern articulations but they don't miss out on giving you a nostalgic feel with Super7's retro-style packaging which the fans of the brand have known and loved over the years.


The Cobra Commander Action Figure features:

  • 2 interchangeable heads
    - One (1) toy accurate head
    - One (1) animation accurate head
  • 10 interchangeable hands
    - Two (2) Fist hands
    - Two (2) Rifle/Binocular Grip hands
    - Two (2) Pistol Grip hands
    - One (1) Open hand
    - One (1) Pointing hand
    - One (1) Clenched Right Scepter hand
    - One (1) Snake/Globe hand
  • Soft goods red cape
  • Rifle
  • Commander pistol
  • Alternate pistol
  • Snake scepter
  • Remote detonator
  • Cobra binoculars
  • High freq gun
  • Synthoid neutralizer

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