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GI Joe Ultimates Lady Jaye Figure by Super7

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Release Date: October 2022

The Super7 Ultimates figure series brings our favourite GI Joe characters in vivid detail and heavy articulation we wished our action figure had. Thanks to modern technology our wishes are set to come true.

A Covert Operations Specialist, Lady Jaye’s speciality is blending in behind enemy lines, but there’s no denying that her importance in the battlefield against Cobra! 

Lady Jaye's fierce personality comes in full force in this  7” scale fully articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES figure which also comes with interchangeable heads & hands as well as over a dozen additional weapons and accessories!

Pair it with other released GI Joe Ultimates and bring the battle home!


  • 3x interchangeable heads
    • Neutral head
    • Flight headset head
    • Focused head
  • 8 Hands Total:
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Javelin hands
    • 2x Open hands
    • 1x Left rifle grip hand
    • 1x Right pistol grip hand
  • 3x Javelins 
    • Default spear
    • Rocket
    • Utility shaft with 9x interchangeable tips
  • 1x Quiver
  • 1x Power javelin with missile (vintage toy-inspired)
  • 1x Camera (vintage toy-inspired)
  • 1x Joe laser rifle
  • 1x Knife
  • 1x Canteen

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