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    Ghost Rider Marvel Sixth Scale Diorama by PCS

    Delivery date: 8 Weeks from date of order

    The Ghost Rider 1:6 Scale Diorama from Premium Collectibles Studio is based on the fiery fan-favorite character's appearance in the hit mobile game MARVEL Contest of Champions.

    1:6 Scale Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze's Hell Cycle drifts across the road, leaving scorched earth in his wake, measuring 11.25" tall and 23.5" wide. The Spirit of Vengeance lashes out with his chains in the hopes of snaring a sinner's soul in his grasp, fueling his journey with pure hellfire and spite.

    The Ghost Rider 1:6 Scale Diorama is fully sculpted, drawing inspiration from promotional character artwork to recreate his distinct Marvel Gamerverse style. His outfit consists of his signature black biker jacket, black pants, and black boots, all of which are accented with silver spikes and chains that wrap around his right arm and torso. The incredible Hell Cycle combines monstrous bones and mechanical construction throughout its macabre silver frame from front to back. The flames that surround Johnny's skeletal portrait and are left in his wake are all semi-translucent, incorporating reds, oranges, and yellows to add visual heat. Finally, with a gleeful expression on his face, the mystic champion is poised to deliver a soul-rending Penance Stare, easily ending any battle.

    Take the road to hell!

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    FOR AGES 18+