Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Mr Fantastic Figure by Hasbro

Fantastic Four has been one of Marvel fans, favourite superhero teams of all time, Hasbro is bringing the exciting team of genetically enhanced Scientists who use their gained powers from the space accident to save mankind to your shelves with this special Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Skrull Build-A-Figure series of figures. All these figures are 6 inches tall and feature amazing points of articulation and contain a Skrull BAF component enabling you to build your own Skrull figure. All figure comes in Hasbro's signature Marvel Legends window box packaging.

Here we have Marvel's Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards the leader and one of the smartest minds in Marvel Universe. He can stretch his body to great distances due to his exposure to cosmic rays while in space. He and his scientist family are ready to protect the earth and find alternate dimensions. He comes in an action-ready pose with his hands stretching and comes with an alternative pair of unstretched hands.

Bring Mr Fantastic Home and collect all the figures in Hasbro's Fantastic Four Skrull Build-A-Figure series and build Marvel's Super Skrull.

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