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    DX Chogokin YF-21(Guld Goa Bowman use) by Bandai

    Release Date: September 2024 

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    Immerse yourself in the extraordinary level of detail meticulously incorporated into the YF-21, faithfully capturing the futuristic aesthetics and unique features of this remarkable variable fighter. Precision in construction allows for dynamic posing, mirroring the craft's agility and formidable prowess in aerial combat.

    Devotees of “Macross Plus” will find delight in the faithful recreation, featuring distinctive markings and intricate technical details that elevate the YF-21 to the status of a fictional technological masterpiece. The DX Chogokin collection boasts superior manufacturing quality, utilizing durable materials and meticulous attention to finishes.

    Elevate your collection by adding the YF-21 (Guld Goa Bowman Use) figure—an ideal tribute to the enduring legacy of "Macross Plus." Showcase this mechanical marvel prominently in your figure space, whether you're a devoted mecha enthusiast or a loyal follower of the "Macross" series. Secure your piece from Bandai Tamashii Nations, and make it an essential addition for any collector's figure aficionado.

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