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    DRAGON BALL SUPER Golden Frieza Figure by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: December 2024

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    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this statue portrays Frieza in his awe-inspiring final form, the very embodiment of fear and raw power. Standing poised in the legendary Frieza Stance, arms outstretched and surrounded by a captivating LED-illuminated purple aura, this statue captures the pivotal moment of his confrontation with Goku on Planet Namek.

    The saga of Frieza unfolds in the heart of the Namek Saga, a pivotal arc beloved by fans for its profound character development and epic battles. Delve into this iconic moment as the Frost Demon Emperor channels his formidable ki, symbolizing his unparalleled might and unyielding resolve.

    Enhance your collection and claim your stake in Dragon Ball Z history by pre-ordering the Frieza 4th Form statue today! A testament to the saga's legacy, a testament to your fandom.


    • Impeccably detailed Dragon Ball Z-inspired base
    • Mesmerizing LED Illuminated effect parts
    • Bonus: Dragon Ball Z logo stand for an enhanced display experience

    Elevate your collectables room or office space with the awe-inspiring presence of Frieza's menacing form. Don't miss this opportunity to own a pivotal piece of Dragon Ball Z lore and order yours now to secure a place among DBZ aficionados worldwide.

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        For Ages 14+