Dragon Ball Super Chosenshi Retsuden II Vol.1 Son Goku Ultra Instinct Statue by Banpresto

Get ready to go down the memory lane because Superhero Toystore brings you Dragon Ball Z statue straight outta your childhood. This Son Goku Ultra Instinct by Banpresto will trigger the inner child in you reminding you of those special moments when the usually silly and cheerful Goku brought his Game face on.

This 6.3 inches tall highly detailed chiseled DBZ Son Goku Ultra Instinct is sculpted to minute details to give you the authentic Dragon Ball Z experience. With his iconic orange judo style bottom torn in battle and grey hair, Goku is still ready for a fight with blazing intensity and ultra Sayian mode on in a shirtless look.

Buy this figure by Banpresto today for the manchild in you!

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