Dr. Sivana 12-Inch Action Figure by Mattel

One of the main archenemies of Shazam Dr Sivana is intelligent, but a dangerous scientist. Although he has no super-powers of his own, his genius-level intelligence often gives him a technological advantage in battle as he can create various weapons and gadgets. The Tech-savvy bad guy who has a shrewd and cunning mind which helps him in his illegal businesses.

As DC extended Universe brings the legendary supervillain in Live action form as Mark Strong becomes the ultimate baddie in Shazam, Superhero Toy Store brings you this incredible 12-inch figure of the crazy scientist himself. This highly articulated figure has 11 points of articulation and features Dr Sivana to the likeness of Strong and features him in his black long coat, blue shirt and black trousers.

This is a must-have figure to any DC fan.

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