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    Disney Traditions Pinocchio and Jiminy Sitting Figurine by Enesco

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    Release Date: March 2024


    Introducing the enchanting Disney Traditions Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Sitting by Jim Shore Statue, a captivating masterpiece that brings the beloved characters to life with the timeless artistry of Jim Shore.

    In this heartwarming design, Jiminy Cricket, the ever-dapper conscience, tips his top hat with a charming smile, imparting a valuable lesson about temptations to his bestie Pinocchio. 

    Jim Shore, a revered artist and legend, infuses this creation with his signature touch of handmade, hand-carved art, evoking a sense of appreciation and nostalgia. Inspired by themes of family, tradition, spirituality, and love of country, Jim Shore seamlessly incorporates elements of American and European folk art into his designs. As a quilting fan, he melds traditional quilt patterns with the beauty of rosemaling, creating a truly unique and cherished piece.

    This remarkable Disney Traditions collectable is brought to you by Enesco, a trusted company known for quality and craftsmanship. The statue features iconic characters Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, making it a must-have for Disney enthusiasts and collectors alike. Jim Shore's creations, like this one, make for thoughtful and much-appreciated gifts.


    • Collection: Disney Traditions
    • Artist: Jim Shore
    • Country of Origin: Cambodia
    • Dimensions: 5.75 inches (height), 3.75 inches (width), 6 inches (length)
    • Packaging Dimensions: 6.50 inches (height), 7 inches (width), 8 inches (length)
    • Weight: 1.200 lb

      This collectible marvel not only adds a touch of magic to any home or office décor but also stands out as an ideal gift for discerning collectors. Follow your conscience and order this enchanting Disney Traditions statue now to bring the charm of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket into your life!

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      Made in China