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Disney Princess Rapunzel Figure by Beast Kingdom

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With the launch of the ‘Story Book’ series by the Beast Kingdom, fans can relive their treasured memories with a carefully designed set of dioramas capturing the essence of Disney movies. Using the very best in manufacturing, coloring, and design techniques, Beast Kingdom is ready to show fans the awe-inspiring worlds Disney has and continues to create.  

Many moons ago Princess Rapunzel was born, with magical healing powers in her hair. Yet not everyone was happy for her, with the evil Gothel locking Rapunzel in a tower to control her powers.

This Story Book D-Stage Disney Princess Rapunzel Figure by the Beast Kingdom brings the setting of Tangled sees our beloved Rapunzel on a journey of love and self-discovery. In the classic scene, we see the princess following thousands of sky lanterns in the hope of being guided home. Recreating the dreamy boat sequence on a starry night, This 6 Inch Rapunzel is joined by the cute chameleon Pascal on her journey.

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