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Disney Princess Ariel Figure by Beast Kingdom

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With the launch of the ‘Story Book’ series by the Beast Kingdom, fans can relive their treasured memories with a carefully designed set of dioramas capturing the essence of Disney movies. Using the very best in manufacturing, coloring, and design techniques, Beast Kingdom is ready to show fans the awe-inspiring worlds Disney has and continues to create.  

Ariel, the Little Mermaid herself is coming from 'Under the sea' to find out what the human world is all about. A curious, adorable, and self-reliant mermaid, Ariel is joined by her cute friends.

This Story Book D-Stage Disney Princess Ariel Figure by the Beast Kingdom brings the little mermaid Ariel as she splashes out from the ocean into the human world with tenacity and wonders! This 6 Inch Ariel is  Scuttle the seagull, and the delightful golden tropical fish, Flounder.

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