Disney 100 Years of Wonder Lady and Tramp D-Stage Statue by Beast Kingdom

Release Date: December 2023

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Get ready to join in on the celebration as the iconic Walt Disney Animation Studios reaches a monumental milestone - Disney's 100 Years of Wonder! Since its founding in October 1923, the studio has been entertaining audiences worldwide with its timeless animated classics, starting with its first feature film in 1937. Disney Animation has set the bar in the industry, releasing over 60 feature-length animations that have captured the hearts of audiences young and old. To commemorate this historic achievement, Beast Kingdom is unleashing an exclusive collection of D-Stage figurines, 'Staging Your Dreams', that bring to life some of the most beloved characters in animated history.

Unleash the magic and romance of Disney's Lady and the Tramp with this stunning Disney 100 Years of Wonder Lady and the Tramp DS-136 D-Stage Statue. This highly detailed statue perfectly captures the iconic duo, using the stamp design as the outer frame to recreate the three-dimensional scene with vibrant colors. Measuring approximately 4.7" tall, this statue is the perfect size to display in your collection. It also comes with a dedicated movie name plaque, making it an essential addition to any Disney fan's collection. Celebrate 100 years of wonder from the enchanting world of Disney with this collectible statue.

This figurine will transport you back to your childhood memories and make you relive the magic of Disney Animation. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Disney history!

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