Delorean Back to the Future Art Scale by Iron Studios

Release Date: May 2024

The DeLorean time machine became one of the most iconic elements of the “Back to the Future” franchise, being an essential part of the narrative in all three movies. The car was modified by Doc Brown to be able to travel through time when it reached 88 miles per hour, using a flux capacitor powered by plutonium. The machine became so popular that it inspired many replicas and collectibles, and even a few real-life replicas capable of driving on the road.

Iron Studios' 9" statue of the DeLorean faithfully reproduces the details of the car, from the stainless-steel bodywork to the time circuits on the dashboard. The hand-painted and handcrafted statue is available in both an individual version and a deluxe set that includes the Marty McFly and Doc Brown statues, along with Einstein, the dog. The statues are all based on their appearance in the first movie and capture the essence of the characters and their iconic poses.

The “Back to the Future” movies have become a cultural phenomenon and have been praised for their innovative storytelling, engaging characters, and memorable music. The movies have influenced many other films and have become a classic of science fiction and adventure genres. The franchise's popularity shows no sign of slowing down, and fans can enjoy a vast array of collectibles, merchandise, and other media related to the movies.

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