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Deadpool Marvel Legends Blue Deadpool Figure by Hasbro

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Let's add some chaos to your collection because he is here!

Throughout the 80 years of history of Marvel Comics, there is no one like Wade Wilson. Hasbro brings the brand new series of Action figures featuring the Merc with the mouth Deadpool – a hero whose healing power allows him to constantly regenerate. The Marvel Legends Deadpool Collection features some of the most memorable characters from the world of Deadpool –like Shiklah, Black Tom Cassidy, and Marvel’s Warpath.

Let's jump on the Deadpool fanship with Hasbro's quality 6-inch Marvel Legends Series Figure. In a new avatar, Deadpool is dawning a new blue suit because his red ones are with the dry cleaners. With multiple points of premium articulation Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this Marvel Comics-inspired figure which comes with multiple accessories like 2 Katanas, a machine gun, and a one-shot pistol.

The figures in the Deadpool Strong Guy Marvel Legends series comes with an additional Strong Guy Build-A-Figure (BAF) part so that fans can assemble there own Hasbro Strong Guy figure.

Get ready to welcome the anti-hero with chimichangas and some Limp Bizkit on the radio!

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