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    Deadpool Designer Collectible Bust by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: January 2025

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    Introducing the Deadpool Designer Collectible Bust, where the irreverent Merc with a Mouth meets the ancient mystique of Aztec and Maya cultures.

    Crafted by the visionary artist Jesse Hernandez, this stunning piece seamlessly merges pop culture with ancient influences, adorning Wade Wilson with mesmerizing gold accents reminiscent of Maya and Aztec aesthetics.

    Inspired by Urban Aztec’s renowned Wolverine designs, this Marvel collectable pays homage while charting new territories of creativity. Hernandez's sculpting prowess brings forth an electrifying reimagination of Deadpool, allowing his unique style to speak volumes.

    In perfect alignment with Sideshow Collectibles' ethos, this piece embodies our relentless pursuit to redefine design boundaries and encapsulate the very essence of our cherished characters. 

    Versatile and captivating, this exquisitely crafted statue finds its place effortlessly, whether adorning an office desk, adding flair to a living room, or taking pride of place upon a dedicated collectable shelf. Elevate your space with this extraordinary portrayal of Deadpool, merging modernity with ancient allure in a way that's unmistakably Sideshow Collectibles.

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