DC Superheros: Mighty Micros: Joker Vs Nighwing by Lego

Chase after The Jokers super-cool Mighty Micros ice cream truck with Nightwing! Intercept the clown prince of crime and attack with the baton. Grab the ice cream from the trucks trunk and get away. Then chill out, but beware of eating the ice cream, it might be poisonous! Get battling with the LEGO Mighty Micros Nightwing VS The Joker

Figure set includes:

  • Includes Nightwing and The Joker minifigures with mini legs.
  • Nightwing’s Mighty Micros car features a rear wing and transparent windshield elements.
  • The Joker’s Mighty Micros ice cream truck features an opening trunk with an ice cream element inside, smile decoration and translucent-green headlight elements.
  • Also includes Nightwing's 2 Escrima Sticks.
  • Nightwing’s car measures over 1-inch (5cm) long, 1-inch (4cm) wide, and under 1-inch (2cm) high.
  • Ice cream truck measures over 2-inch (6cm) high, 2-inch (6cm) long and 1-inch (4cm) wide.

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