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    DC Comics - Superman Wave 5 - Ghost Of Zod (Gold Label) By Mcfarlane Toys

    Release Date: July 2024


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    Unveil the saga of Superman's daring odyssey as he confronts the spectral presence of General Zod in a quest for redemption! Dive into the depths of the Phantom Zone alongside the Man of Steel, where he uncovers a legion of formidable Brainiac drones lying in wait. Witness the convergence of destinies as Val-Zod, the valiant Superman of Earth-2, joins the fray against the haunting echoes of the past. Though stripped of their usual powers, the resilient Men of Steel rise clad in protective Kryptonian armor, steadfast in their resolve to thwart Brainiac and his relentless mechanical horde.

    Behold the intricately crafted 7" scale figure, meticulously detailed to capture every nuance of this epic tale. Engineered with Ultra Articulation boasting up to 22 points of movement, this figure offers unparalleled versatility for dynamic posing and immersive play. Inspired by the exclusive comic "Superman: Ghosts of Krypton" from the visionary minds at McFarlane Toys, the Ghost of Zod figure emerges as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    Expand your collection with additional hands and a figure display base, ensuring endless possibilities for showcasing this iconic piece. Each purchase also includes a collectible art card featuring stunning comic artwork on the front and a comprehensive character biography on the reverse, adding depth to your appreciation of this legendary character. Don't miss out on completing your set with other captivating releases from the McFarlane Toys DC Page Punchers lineup.

    Presented by Superhero Toy Store, this exquisite statue is more than just a figure—it's a statement piece that transcends mere decoration. Whether adorning your home or office, this masterpiece serves as a tangible reminder of the enduring legacy of Superman. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike, it's the ultimate gift that celebrates the timeless heroism of the Man of Steel.

    Experience the legend. Elevate your collection. Embrace the power of Superman: Ghosts of Krypton.

    For Age 14+

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    Made in China