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Super Villains Bizarro Action Figure by DC Collectibles

Resembling a grizzled zombie version of Superman, Bizarro is distinguished by his ungainly posture and by his off-kilter colors and reverse “S” insignia. Bizarro possesses powers either similar to those of Superman or else reversed versions of Superman’s powers, such as ice vision versus heat vision, his exact abilities seemingly left to device of creative interpretation.

The New 52 version of Bizarro originates as failed attempt by Lex Luthor to splice human and Kryptonian DNA and later as a purely Kryptonian Superman doppelganger, zombie-like in appearance, contained by a canister labeled B-0.

Following the Crime Syndicate’s takeover of Earth, Luthor is forced to open the canister five years ahead of schedule. The new Bizarro initially fails to respond to Luthor’s commands, however when one of Luthor’s security guards threaten him (Luthor), Bizarro springs into action and mutilates the security guard.

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