DC Comics Lobo 1/4th Scale Figure by XM Studios

Release Date: January 2023

He's the best bounty hunter in the known universe and the last sentient being you'd want to get into a brawl with if you want to survive. He's Lobo, the intergalactic alien badass also known as "The Main Man," and if you're lucky, you'll never cross his path.

The Main Man, The Last Czarnian Lobo is our next 1:4 DC Premium Collectible, which is a highly anticipated release from XM Studios. Lobo is depicted riding atop his Spacehog in this 27-inch tall hand-painted statue, which features bellows of green smoke beneath him that take the shape of misshapen skulls, reminiscent of the smoke effects seen in concerts.

Lobo has all the characteristics of a biker in a Hell's Angels-style motorcycle gang on Earth, from his long hair and tattoos to his kill or be killed attitude. Lobo has fought for both the good guys and the bad guys over the years, mostly because whoever pays him the most to get the job done, or which side promises him a better, bloodier fight, has always been his preference. He's fought Superman and the Justice League, as well as just about every other DC superhero.

The Lobo (Rebirth) Premium Collectibles statue features:

    • Three (3) Portrait: 1 with goggles, 1 with longer dreadlocks, 1 with his tongue sticking out
    • Three (3) Right-Hand: 1 holding his signature weapon: hook on a chain,1 holding a bass guitar, 1 holding Dawg in the air!
    • Two (2) Left-Arm: 1 holding the handlebar, 1 in rocking out pose
    • Highly detailed sculpt featuring The Main Man perched on his crazy cool Spacehog, Dawg by his side as he speeds up in pursuit of his current target.
    • Crafted in polystone
    • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the high-quality finish

Artists Involved:

  • Ario Anindito, Foo Tze Wei (2D)
  • Alvaro Ribeiro, Nillo Samyr (Sculpt)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

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