DC Comics Gorilla Grodd ArtFx+ Statue by Kotobukiya


Once a normal ape living in Africa, Grodd (along with his people) was given heightened intelligence by the pilot of a crashed alien starship. Unlike the other inhabitants of Gorilla City, Grodd also received incredible telekinetic and telepathic powers! With his powers and unchecked aggression the fearsome ape attempted to take over world on more than one occasion, though his schemes were continually stopped by the Flash.

In the New 52 era of DC Comics Grodd was once again ruler of Gorilla City. This version of the character is now immortalized in the elite ARTFX+ series with this massive and mean presentation of Gorilla Grodd standing on two legs and bellowing into the air with the skull of one of his victims held aloft!

The maniacal villain has an incredible sculpt covered in realistic long fur and the snarl on his face will stop heroes right in their tracks. Grodd wears a fluttering red loincloth on a gold belt, his matching helmet, pauldrons, and ragged cape are removable so you can display him as you like!

The Gorilla Grodd ArtFx+ Statue stands an incredible 10 inches tall and the magnets in his feet provide extra stability on his included display base.

Whether he’s ruling your shelf standing by himself or fighting with the Flash this gorilla is a fantastic addition to your DC Comics collection!

Release Date: April 2017

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