DC Comics Dark Nights Metal Batman The Red Death 1/3rd Scale Statue by Prime 1 Studios

Release Date: December End 2022

 “My name is Bruce Wayne. I am vengeance. I am justice. I am Batman, the Red Death.”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Museum Masterline DC Metal Series! The 1/3 Scale The Red Death from the Dark Nights Metal!

When the Batman of Earth -52 lost all his Robins to the crimes he felt he was too slow to prevent the tragedies from happening, he decided that the solution was to steal the Speed Force from his world’s Flash and take it unto himself. After murdering all of The Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery, Batman subdued The Flash himself and drove them both into the Speed Force. What came out was an unholy fusion of Barry Allen’s tortured psyche and Bruce Wayne’s demented version of Justice. He would act as the judge, jury, and executioner in the blink of an eye: The Red Death!

In this 1/3rd Scale handcrafted and hand-painted statuePrime 1 Studios has recreated The Red Death as he races in at a blazing 30 inches tall incredibly detailed statue. Prime 1 Studio has lavished this statue with the most eye-catching metallic red paint, intricately sculpted Speed Force armor, and translucent resin Speed Force energy waves. The Red Death’s Speed Force construct bats seem to soar in thin air as they flank the vermillion villain.

Prime 1 Studio presents The Red Death on his own supercharged base, complete with skulls, exhaust pipes, and fiery afterburners: all the trappings of an octane-fueled nightmare! This statue is a must-have for Dark Night and The Flash fans everywhere!

The perfect piece to complete your Batman collection, you won’t want to miss out!

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